Egg Proma – Cambodian Omelette

Egg proma is a Cambodian style omelette combined with salted fish and pork.

It truly amazes me just how unknown Cambodian cuisine is to the world. I keep trying new dishes (I am the street food guy after all), trying to look up the dishes online and find little, or at times no information at all about them. And so, we came to egg proma.

As usual, I’d come to my favorite place in Phnom Penh Ty Villa Beef and Seafood restaurant (to give it its full swanky title). Having worked through half of the menu, and not wanting to be drowned out by vegetables took a fancy to the egg dish.

As they say, if it walks like a duck, talk like a duck, then it is an omelet, but the Cambodian omelette comes with a bit more flair than your average run of the mill British breakfast affair.

What’s in an egg proma?

Salted fish is extremely popular in Cambodia, particularly when it comes to their omelettes, and the usual fish of choice tends to be cod, but other fish can be used as well. Finley cut garlic, black pepper, onions and the final act of goodness ground pork.

So, how does this egg proma concoction fare at the taste test?

I have to say egg proma was an extremely pleasant surprise for me, there are a lot of reasons why salted cod, pork, and eggs should not go together, but it really worked well.

As per most Cambodian dishes it came with a lot of vegetables, such as uncooked cabbage, and carrots. You do not win friends with salad…

Much like other elements of Cambodian cuisine by itself would be a bit bland, but if ordered with a slew of other great Cambodian dishes makes a superb addition to lunch, or dinner.

Street Food Phnom Penh!

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