Top 7 Etiquette Tips for Wine Drinking

When drinking some wine at home, you may not care about where you drink from, how you drink, or how you hold the glass. However, you may want to apply some etiquette when you are with people. Etiquette involves those things that may seem unimportant but are powerful. Wine etiquette is a way of showing you know about wine, how to take it, and what not to do. Drinking wine, especially in a formal setting, can be intimidating. However, it is an experience that everyone should enjoy. The following are seven wine etiquette you should learn and practice as you taste or share a bottle of wine.

Avoid Scent during Tasting

The first thing you should never do when tasting or sharing wine is use scented lotions, sprays, or perfumes. The secret to enjoying a Portugal wine is to avoid anything scented. Even the slightest odor can ruin the experience of other wine tasters. It can also interfere with detecting the aroma. Therefore, it is advisable to go smelling plain to have the best wine-tasting experience.

Ask About the Wine

It is good to ask about the wine before you order or subscribe. Therefore, find the best merchants and ask them about the wine. Discuss the type of wine you are looking for and your budget. The merchants will provide suggestions to suit your specifications.

Send Back Flawed Wine

Have you ever wondered why servers ask you to try wine before pouring a whole glass? The reason is to allow you to tell if the wine has a flaw or fault. You can also smell the cork to see if it smells like wet cardboard or mold. Additionally, look out for heat damage, oxidation, and cork taint. Don’t just send it back based on not liking it. Never smell the cork when presented. You can simply know if there is an issue by looking at it.

Hold the Stem of the Glass When Drinking

There are many ways of holding a wine glass. The basic rule is not to touch the bowl part of the glass. Not touching helps prevent changing its temperature.

Check the Temperature

Ensuring it is at an ideal temperature before you serve it is crucial. White wine should be chilled but not cold, while red wine should be a bit chilled to enhance its flavors. The good thing about serving wine at its ideal temperature is that it preserves the flavors and aroma.

Drink from the Same Place

Don’t be a messy person. Always drink your wine from the same spot to avoid too many marks on the glass. Be mindful not to leave unpleasant mouth marks on the glass, especially when wearing lipstick.

Don’t Fill the Glass to the Brim

Never fill your glass to the brim. Knowing how to pour wine into a glass is crucial in case you go to a gathering. Remember to pour less than half the glass and give it to other people around you first before you top up your glass.

In conclusion, these are essential wine etiquette tips you should know. Always ensure you observe how you pour and drink your wine. Avoid serving yourself first, and always serve less than half your glass.

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