Watching Prey Veng FC

We are currently in pre-season in Cambodia before the C-League kicks off. The C-League is the top division of Khmer football.

In 2020 Prey Veng FC won the C-League 2, meaning they won promotion to the top flight. This will be their first season in the top division.

Enter the Prey Veng Pre-Season Cup!

Cambodian football ticket
Cambodia Footbal Ticket

Prey Veng Pre-Season Cup

Hosted by Prey Veng FC it also included Electricitie De Cambodia, Visakha FC and Kirivong Sok Sen Chet FC – I know great names that roll of the tongue right?

The format was 2 game son the 18th the semi’s and then 2 on the 20th, the finals. For some god awful reason they had the first matches at 8 am. This is no time to be watching football!

The first match was Prey Veng FC vs Kirivong Sok Sen FC. Prey Veng played pretty well but were outclassed in e a 2-0 defeat.

The final saw Visakha beat Electricitie De Cambodia by 1-0, although it could and should have been a lot more.

Pre Veng FC

Food and drink at Pre Veng Stadium

Food, drinks, and even the Visakha Club shop came to town. They still don’t have a shirt in my size though. I had a coke and and egg with pepper. OK, hardly culinary amazingness, but the best football stadium food so far!

I’m sure this will not be happening at every match, but there was even pre and post match entertainment from some famous singer. NO idea who he was, but obviously I still did a photo with him.

Overall a nice town, a nice stadium and another Cambodian Football club to tick off the list.

I think Prey Veng FC will struggle in the C-League this year, but who knows? Football is all about surprises after all.

Prey Veng FC

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