Polonia Restaurant Phnom Penh – number 1 Polish in PP?

Polonia Restaurant Phnom Penh is a new polish restaurant in the capital of Cambodia, but is it any good? I have previously written about Jungle Cat serving the best Slavic food and moonshine in Phnom Penh, so it is only right and proper that I review other places when they open. Introducing Polonia Restaurant Phnom Penh.

Polonia Restaurant Phnom Penh

So, as we have established it is a Polish restaurant. The owner has stated he opened it to showcase Poland rather than to get profit. Fair enough.

It is located on Street 172, home of such legends as Dirty Old Sailor. You can read about that place here .

It is a small place with a big sign out the front. The majority of the place is taken up by kitchen, and there is space for maybe 20 people at best.

The menu at Polonia Restaurant Phnom Penh

There are as many dishes as drinks on the menu. It is one laminated page, one side drinks, one die food. There are Eastern European dumplings and other stuff. What stood out was the Polish sausage. On receiving said dish (for $7.00) we were told there were only two sausages because there was a mistake on the menu. It should have been one sausage. Had I paid $7,00 for one I would have been disappointed. At two, with bread I was OK, if not enthralled.

And they have moonshine?

Draft beer is a dollar,w which is about standard of the area. They serve a shot of homemade moonshine for $2. At Jungle Cat it is free/$1.50 per shot. The shot at Polonia was OK. Not prize winning, but OK. Pound for pound Jungle Car still has the best moonshine in Phnom Penh.

To see the Jungle Cat Manu click here .

Is it worth visiting Polonia Phnom Penh

If you are on street 172, then it certainly makes a change. If you like a few Polish dishes, then it is worth a visit. If you crave Slavic food and moonshine, then there are better bets out there.

Still in these crazy times, at least it is something else to do.

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