Xian breakfasts!

If anywhere in China would be described as my hometown, it would be Xi’an. Though I spend little time there now, for 10 years on and off it was home.

Food in Xian is famously good, but breakfast on the other hand not so much so. I much like Oliver Twist am not into gruel. There is though at least one fail safe that I do go for when I’m in town.

This little treat is called 煎饼 jianbing, and whist it comes it many styles is best when it has a little western influence. The bread (bing) is fried from dough in front of you and is very greasy (I like that). They then squeeze a chinese sausage, lettuce and egg to make it a very filling breakfast.

煎饼 jianbing

But of course man cannot live on food alone, and for drinks the next one is a true Xian classic. Suan Mei Tang 酸梅汤, which literally translates to “sour plum soup”. You will only find this in Xian and it is refreshing hot, or cold. Muslim Street 回民街 is where this originated, and is the best place to get it. Ironically they sell a powdered version, which is much like “tang”.

酸梅汤 sour plum soup

And that’s the very quick skinny from the Street Food Guy on surviving breakfast in Xian!

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