What is Mirinda Orange Soda? The tale of worlds second favorite Orange Soda

What is Mirinda Orange Soda? Sheer disappointment, that is what it is. It is a drink I have been given in many a country when I have asked for a Fanta. Of course I have politely pointed out that they are different, but this has not always worked. People assume orange soda is just orange soda. I will discuss why this is clearly not the case!

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Fanta is the Best Orange Soda in the world

Yes Fanta was invented by the Nazis, but you would not say no to nice Hugo Boss suit now would you? Even if they did clothe the SS! Fanta are great and I have a game which is simply finding the best and weirdest Fanta flavors out there.

Fun fact the weirdest was Fanta Tonic Water in Belize, where I actually own an island.

Yet, while there must be Coke, there must also be Fanta and even Ize Cola, so Fanta cannot exist in a bubble – no pun intended.

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What is Mirinda Orange Soda and friends?

Mirinda was founded in Spain in 1959 and quickly became a European success story. Yes this means that in many a European nation they the most popular brand of Orange Soda. Sometimes Fanta isn’t even an option. Heed my warning and heed it well.

They do a tone of different flavors, but are most famous for their Orange Soda. It become available in the US in 2003 and the company were purchased By PepsiCo way back in 1970, who now sell it under various brand names. Good job Pepsi, you manage to just be number 2 at everything. Although to be fair, they are worth billions.

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Why is Miranda Organs Soda so bad?

A hard question to answer, but in essence it just isn’t Fanta. I personally find it to sweet and lacking in any citrus tang at all. In fact even if I want an organs soda, if Marinda is the only thing available i’ll take a coke. No coke? I’m probably in Europe, so vodka, or rakia.

Mirinda Orange Soda
Mirinda Apple Soda

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And they might be the second biggest Orange Soda brand in the world, but much like plucky Ize are better than Pepsi, Tango are better than Miranda soda.

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Apart from Miranda Orange Soda what other flavors are there?

For this one i’ll list some, then pull at least a few apart! They have apple, which I am currently drinking literally right now, purchased in Cambodia no less. Globalization really is a thing. Before it I had drank an Orangina. My word, simply no comparison.

Fanta - Orange soda
Orangina and Orange Soda

Then there’s Mirinda Sprite rip-off and most others you can think of, mostly shit, but apparently there is one they do very well.

Mirinda strawberry soda

I’m probably going to give this one its own article, but this is one that s not only hard to find, but has apparently proved controversial. It looks freaking awesome and can apparently be purchased on Amazon. It has a bit of a cult following, but alas I have yet to try it.

There are even YouTube videos extolling its virtues

II have yet to get the full story, but it has been variously “banned” and discontinued at certain times, which has only added to its allure. I’m seriously gonna get a Miranda Strawberry Soda, drink it, and then hope I hate Miranda Soda less.

Long story short, get Fanta, or anything other than Miranda.

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