What are the most popular cola brands in the world? – 7 Biggest brands

What are the most popular Cola brands in the world today? We recently covered the top ten selling soft-drinks in the world, which by our definition meant soda, or pop! Rather than energy drinks, juices and the like.

You can read about the top selling soft drinks here.

The top of the list was obviously Coke – spoiler alert it tops this list too, but what are best selling Cola brands in the world? We will get to that in due corse.

What is Cola?

The reasons why coke and cola are often confused is because coke invented cola. It is like a Hoover, where the brand is so strong that people associate the brand with the whole product.

What is a Cuba Libre? It is a rum and coke right? No, usually it is rum and TuCola, the Cuban version of Coke.

Heard of North Korean coke? You can read about it here

Basically it is a caffeinated, carbonated black drink that is full of sugar and once contained cocaine. What I would not give to try that original recipe! Coca Cola were the originals closely followed by Pepsi Cola – i’m sure you can guess the top two on the list.

The Cola Wars

In the 1970’s and 80’s there were the Cola Wars, Pepsi won the taste test, but that brand recognition that makes you order a vodka coke meant Coke won the war.

Interestingly the USSR once paid Pepsi in War Ships, which would have really made the cola wars interesting – you can read about that here.

I recently did my own Cambodian version of the Cola Wars, with the winner being Ize Cola. It truly is a funny old world.

What are the most popular cola brands in the world? – 7 Biggest brands

So, no you do not get a prize for guessing 1 and 2, and for once we will go top to bottom rather than bottom to top. Also this was a really tough one to find info on as everyone simply talks about the best selling sodas in the world.

Best selling Cola in the world?

Yes it is Coca-Cola, only slightly more evil than the Galactic Empire.

Cherry Coke in Cambodia
Cherry Coke in Cambodia

Second best selling cola in the world?

It’s Pepsi and they equally as much corporate dicks as Coke. I hate when you ask for a rum and coke and people say “is Pepsi OK”?. Interestingly when I lived in the Cayman Islands there was only Pepsi, so people would automatically say Rum and Pepsi.

Cambodia cola challenge
Cambodia cola challenge

To read why there is no McDonalds in the Cayman Islands click here.

What is the third best selling cola in the world?

Thums Up Cola of India were formed in 1977 when Coke vacated the country. They made a superior product and when coke came back in 1991 people preffered Thums up! Thums Up had an 85 percent share of the market, so after losing for 2 years Coke simply brought them. Genuine corporate dicks! Still the market leader in India and India has a shit tonne of people.

Fourth biggest Cola in the world

It is Aje Big Cola! Originally founded in Peru their market plan is to enter poor countries with a cheaper version of coke. And it has worked making them the 4th biggest player in the world.

Cherry Coke in Cambodia
Aje Big Cola

They have Aje Big Cola in Cambodia which you can read about here. It tastes like store brand Cola. Stay away from this kids.

Fifth biggest selling cola in the world

Not exactly sure on this, but it is the third biggest seller in America, so we did some sums and while the number s probably do not work, we are running with it anyway. RC Cola were invented in 1905 because the inventor found coke syrup was too expensive. Have since become a major brand owned by Dr Pepper, really what’s the worst that can happen?

The 6th and 7th best selling Cola’s in the world?

The team looked to find the sixth biggest selling cola in the world and the seventh biggest selling cola in the world, but there are a lot and it is hard work, so we gave up.

Instead we’re throwing in two honorable mentions, screw it let’s do 3!


A joint-venture between Cuba and Brazil, they make a great cola that forms the basis of a real Cuba Libre!

Lucozade Cola

The original energy drink in the UK until people found out it was not an actual energy drink – not the cola you see, that came later. After realizing they were just a  soft drink they had the smarts to go all in and make a coke.

most popular cola brands
Not Lucozade Cola

To read about Lucozade Cola click here.


Cockta, OK not actually a cola, but THE soft-drink of the old SFR Yugoslavia! First tried it in Bosnia, and it is the bomb.

most popular cola brands
most popular cola brands

To read about Cockta click here – and yes it goes with liquor…..

And those are the best selling Cola brands in the world, kinda, with a bit of artistic license.

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