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Lucozade Cola

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I’m a big fan of #colaquest, which is basically tasting all the colas around the world, sometimes it’s bad, and sometimes it’s really rather good! With a lot hovering in the middle!

My standard when I get to Hong Kong is to go to 7-Eleven buy a sandwich, and get a Lucozade. Can you imagine how excited I got when I found out two of my passions had combined? Oh it was a good day. Lucozade Cola.

Apparently Beechems launches it in 2011, kinda of as a sports drink, but also advising retailers to put it next to Coke and Pepsi. Alas this was not to be the legendary cola wars of the 1980’s, and Lucozade Cola is not now the market leader.

In Hong Kong though, where Lucozade is HUGE, their cola is stocked in most convenience stores, it’s a thing!

So, where does Lucozade it on the all important taste test challenge??? It’s a weird one, it’s still basically Lucozade, but would you guess a bit of a cola kick to it!

In conclusion about Lucozade Cola?

I buy it every now and again in Hong Kong, but then I rarely buy coke. The big question though is would I mix it with my rum? That i’m afraid, I would not do.

Written by Gareth

Gareth Johnson is the founder of Young Pioneer Tours, a published writer, and all round entrepreneur. He enjoys street food, and encourage others to get paid to travel the world.

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