The (Not) Free Love Freeway – Burgas to Varna

Many months ago I was planning to move to Varna, and start by doing what any normal fellow would do and start by researching the place, this largely meant just googling stuff about Varna.

Whilst doing my search I found a blog about a guy who had cycled from Varna to Burgas, or the other way around and noticed a country road with an awfully lot of pretty ladies standing around said road, dressed in a manner one could only describe as whorish. Well, where there is smoke!

Country roads in Bulgaria, and particularly the road from Varna to Burgas are filled with ladies performing the oldest profession. They are day time workers of the night. These are the prostitutes of Varna.

And on our drive, we witnessed this with our very own eyes! I would say in the politest possible way that whilst Bulgarian ladies tend to be very good looking, the road workers were somewhat less so.

I wondered a few things, such as how said ladies got to work and home before my more enlightened friend informed me that behind every good prostitute is usually a man “sharing” her money.

But what it really got me to thinking was how this rather weird John Denver Country Roads style of hookering kicked off, but then we worked it out.

During, and after communism getting hard currency was not easy, but a lady selling her wares on country roads frequented by a truck driver passing through (with money), was a great little earner, and this, erm “tradition” carries on to this day. We saw more than a few cars partaking in some countryside Bulgarian style dogging.

Say what you want about capitalism, but it certainly works in mysterious ways. And that is the tale of prostitution in Varna and the famous Varna to Burgas whores highway.

And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

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