10 things to know BEFORE you go to Koh Rong

Koh Rong is fast disappearing as an untouched paradise. Things are getting more developed by the day. But, it is still quite the quintessential laid back undeveloped island paradise, complete with sketchy wifi and regular power cuts.

Coronavirus has also taken its toll here and now things are extra quiet. Not great for the economy, but fairly good if you are looking to get back to nature and away from the crowds.

NO ATM’s on Koh Rong

There are not only no ATM’s, but nowhere takes cards and if you do need to get money it is either a 10% surcharge, or a long $22 roundtrip to Sihanoukville. You should bring cash.

There are regular brown outs

The difference between a brown out and a back out is that the power cuts are timed, so at lest you know when they will happen. So charge your devices accordingly and get used to some stone age stuff! Read a book and enjoy the beaches.

Sand flies and other bugs

Sand flies are bastards and they plague Koh Rong. Not only that but there are mosquitoes galore and even poisonous snakes. Bring repellent and proper medical supplies as they are not that available on Koh Rong and certainly not on Koh Rong Sanloem.

They have naughty monkeys

Monkeys in Koh Rong
Monkeys in Koh Rong

Aside from mosquitos and poisonous snakes there are also monkeys everywhere! They are cute to look at and kinda good fun, but if you leave food out the moneys, or the dogs will get it. This includes ripping your bins apart.

Watch the weather

If you go in the rainy season boats can often get cancelled, making being stranded on a desert island a reality. Do not go here in rainy season just before a flight for example.

Keep the place clean

Expats and locals alike take environmental issues seriously on Koh Rong, there are almost no plastic straws for example. If you don’t want to be public enemy number 1, then look after the environment.

Island time is real

Seafoods in Koh Rong
Food in Koh Rong

Whether you are waiting for dinner, drinks, or a ferry then keep in ind that island time is a real concept. Go with the flow, getting angry will not make that boat arrive any quicker.

Koh Rong is not deserted

Even during COVID-19 there is a bustling scene of expats and locals and when it is a public holiday rooms can be booked out in full, But even when full it still manages to keep that rustic island charm

It’s all about the beach huts

Treehouse in Kohrong

Unless you are part of the 1% then do not expect lavish luxury, even the “resorts” such as Treehouse Bungalows are relatively basic. You are coming here for e beach hut out of the way experience. Make the most of it.

Prepare for the food!

preparing food in koh rong

Food on Koh Rong is excellent, if you like seafood and BBQ, but forget dining down on sushi, or other decadent delights. If you need a fix of something, get it before you arrive.

And those are our top ten tips to know BEFORE you go to Koh Rong.

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