Drink Cockta

A few months ago we ended up Ljubljana for the weekend. It would be fair to say that most of the drinks we consumed tended to be of the alcoholic variety, but I did discover one little gem. A colaesque drink called Cockta. I enjoyed said drink, but never expected it to enter my life again. I then ended up in Bosnia….

Here is the story of Cockta!

When was Cockta invented?

Yugoslavia used to be pretty communist (although less so than Albania to be fair), and in the early 50’s they couldn’t get a coke, so a chap in Slovenia decided to invent this wonderful drink.

So, is Cockta a coke rip-off?

Far from it, Cockta has a ton of secret herbs and whatnot, with the main ingredient being  “dog rose hip”.

Does it taste like coco-cola?

Yes and no, it is definitely from the same family, but unlike a shit own-brand cola, Cockta has an almost hipster organic feel to it. Even the bottle is a little hipster.

But I am a little bitch that can’t take sugar?

Do not panic little fella! In 2019 Cockta released a sugar-free variety. Being the cola quest that I am I tried it out. Sugar-free drinks are never as good as the parent drink, but it was more than palatable.

Is it popular?

In Slovenia, it is the national drink, and even in Bosnia you see it much more than Coca-Cola. This is one region where the coke monolith does not rule the roost.

Can you mix it with alcohol?

Rakia does not get mixed, but Cockta makes a fine chaser to all manner of crazy homebrewed drinks you get in Serbia.

When we went to a restaurant in Banja Luka I used it to chase 4 fine glasses of Gentleman Jack (premium Jack Daniels).

Overall a great addition to #colaquest The Street Food Guy endorses Cockta!

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