Pit Stop Bar – Siem Reap

There might be next to no tourists and the world economy might be flunking, but this also tends to throw up the odd bit of opportunity when it comes to rents! Rents get cheaper, so the brave few decide to open new businesses.

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I had discovered about Pit Stop from a Filipino friend from the legend that is Funky Flashpackers, home of the best pie and indeed best hotel deal in Siem Reap.

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Grand opening of the Bar

Pit Stop bar

I received a flier via WhatsApp declaring that not only would they be having a grand opening, but it was a Filipino themed bar, and that there would be free beer between 5 and 6! You had me at free beer…

Why Pit Stop Bar?

It’s next to a bike repair and indeed bike creator shop owned by a very friendly American chap. Apparently he formerly did bike tours around Cambodia, something that may prove useful if the world decided to open again.

What about it?

Pit Stop bar layout

It’s a funny layout, with you having to walk through the kitchen to get to the toilet, but the drinks are cheap, much like the rest of Siem Reap and it is indeed Filipino themed. For the opening night anyway there was great live music a few Filipino guys and lots of girls from the Philippines. Many of these girls had penises….

I’d mainly come for the free beer and to see what the expat scene for Filipinos was like in Siem Reap, but they have a snack menu which includes classics such as spring rolls and at some point one would hope adobo, or better still kinilaw.

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Far from earth shattering, but definitely a place I will go and check out again.

Best Filipino themed bar in Siem Reap? I think so…..

What is the address of Pit Stop Bar Siem Reap?

Pit Stop Bar
1362 Banteay Chas Village
Between Wat Plank Road and National Road 6
Siem Reap

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