Coffee Brewing Do’s and Don’ts According to the Experts

Almost everybody loves coffee and the new trend of making it home-brewed doesn’t come as a surprise. Coffee-lovers are always testing new ways to make the best cup at home and they are using different techniques to improve the quality of their favorite drink. 

You may think your coffee machine isn’t fancy enough or feel confused about the whole process. The truth is that brewing your coffee from the comfort of your home doesn’t have to be that challenging at all. It’s entirely possible to get delicious coffee that tastes the same as the one from your favorite, fancy coffee shop

However, to improve your home-brewed coffee, you need to follow certain rules and have the right technique. Here is a few coffee brewing do’s and don’ts that will make your coffee taste much better, according to experts. Let’s dive in!

DO: Grind Your Coffee

Grinding your coffee right before brewing will give it the best flavor. It will maximize the aroma and optimize your coffee drinking experience. However, experts recommend grinding it on the spot, just before you start brewing your pot because coffee can lose the flavor after 30 minutes. This is the reason why folks at Brew Coffee At Home recommend having a coffee maker and grinder in one machine. It’s very quick and easy – you just need to press a button and your pot will be ready in less than five minutes. 

Consistency also matters a lot. If you grind too coarse you will end up with a weak coffee but if you grind too fine it may taste bitter. Always go for a medium grind.

DON’T: Use Water That Isn’t Hot Enough

The temperature for a perfect cup of coffee is from 195 to 205 degrees. Still, many beginners don’t know this fact and tend to miss the ideal temperature. This is the reason why they don’t get the maximum flavor from the coffee beans. 

People sometimes think that using a French press isn’t the solution, but they are wrong. Of course, you can always use a pour-over method. Just make sure the water is just off a boil.

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DO: Follow A Recipe

Coffee doesn’t only taste great but it has numerous health benefits when consumed in moderation. Still, you need to follow the recipe to get the best final product. Understanding the ratios is vital. Here are some great suggestions for beginners. 

Start with a thick brew. This means to follow 1 part of coffee to 15 parts of water ratio. To begin, put all your water into a kettle and boil it; then divide it by 15 to find out how many grams of coffee you need to grind. Make sure you get a gram scale. It will make the process much easier and you will be able to follow the recipe precisely.

Many people have often heard the rule – use 6oz of water for 2 tablespoons of coffee. This recipe isn’t bad but it lacks precision. You see, various types of coffee tend to act differently, so your tablespoon can weigh more or less, depending on the blend. Using a scale is essential since weight is much more important than volume when it comes to coffee brewing. It will help you determine how much coffee is going into your cup, no matter which type you are using.

DON’T: Pour Your Coffee Into A Cold Cup

Most people don’t even think about it but when you pour hot coffee into a cold cup it just won’t stay hot for a long time. Make sure anything your coffee touches is as close to the brewing temperature as possible before you start brewing it. You see, your brewing gadget can steal the heat from the water during the process and lower the temperature of your water, which is something you need to avoid.

Pre-warming your cup is the key. Simply pour some pre-boiling water into your cup and leave it there while your coffee is brewing. Then, when your perfect hot drink is done, empty the water from the cup and fill it with your delicious coffee. Another tip is to pour over with hot water or use a French press before you add any grounds. 

You should also prepare your filter and the best way to do that is by wetting it with hot water and letting it drain for some time. Many people complain about the “paper flavor” that ends up in their coffee and this technique will bring your filter to an optimal temperature.

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Preparing your own coffee can be very exciting. Every coffee lover wants to make it unique and follow their own path. Follow this simple guide and your coffee will be packed with special flowers and a wonderful aroma. After all, coffee brewing is a unique ritual and you should enjoy it as much as possible.

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