Tango Tips

Tango might enjoy most of its popularity as a famous dance performed by landed gentry of Argentina, but it also holds fame as a great soft drink from the UK.

Here’s my top Tango Tips

Tango was first manufactured by Corona (not that Corona) in the 1950s as a carbonated orange soda, but no actually took any interest in them for a long time.

In the 1990’s Tango went gangbusters in the Uk when they introduced some other flavours, namely, apple, cherry, lemon, and blackcurrant. But it was more than the introduction of some fruits that drove things crazy, no it was the introduction of a really annoying advertising campaign. In 1992 Britvic started an add whereby a man dressed as an orange would slap a guy round the head, with the phrase “you know when you’ve been Tango’d”. I remember it became a craze that got banned in schools as some kids went deaf. Epic bantz!!! It has been described as one of the most successful add campaigns in UK history.

Since then Tango has managed to maintain a strong foothold in the UK and beyond with many people preferring it to Nazi drink Fanta.

So, that is the Tango story, but what are my top Tango Tips? The first tip would be that it is better than Fanta, and the orange and particularly the blackcurrant go gangbusters with vodka and a shed load of ice…..

But wait, there’s more, there’s Tango Blast! Ever heard of a “Slush Puppy”? Well, that’s just foreign crap, Tango Blast is a frozen drink that will last the Brexit test of time, and is served in all great British cinemas.

Rule Britannia, Tango Tips, vodka with Tango.


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