Tipsy Seafood Phnom Peng – seafood by the riverside

Tipsy Seafood Phnom Penh is a classic Khmer style seafood restaurant that find throughout the country, but is a particularly well known brand in Phnom Penh, having branches in cool places like AEON mall, and as I was to discover down by the riverside of Phnom Penh

The Riverside you say?

OK, so not THAT riverside, lets remember that the riverside is big, there’s the sketchy part, but there is another part on an island near Nagaworld that is actually almost upscale! There’s a bunch of cool restaurants, one of them being Tipsy Seafood.


Amazingly dining-in, as well as booze were banned in Phnom Penh from April 11th to May 22nd. You certainly couldn’t say that things are back to “normal”, but we can go out again, which in itself marks a rather large improvement on how things were before.

Oh and prohibition is over, which means we can drink now. Sometimes it really is the small mercies in life that make things better!

So, what is Tipsy Seafood all about?

I’ll avoid the obvious and say seafood restaurant, but it is all about the riverside vibe at this particular venue. They have a special menu that includes a bunch of dishes like squid for a mere 7000 local money, thats less $2, you get bang for your buck at this place.

To read about Cambodian money click here

Like most Khmer-style BBQ restaurants you pick your stuff from the menu, drinks ad ice are provided and you chow down.

Tipsy Seafood Riverside Menu

Tipsy Menus

The sheer beauty of these types of places is that the menu’s are really simple, squid, oysters, cockles, seafood fried rice, it does pretty much what it says on the tin!

The food at Tipsy Seafood

There were a few standout dishes in my mind, Cambodian oysters i’m a bit fan of, but it was the “salmon backside” that really got going.

You can read about Khmer style oysters here .

Salmon backside though? Not sure if the meaning was salmon arse, or not, but a great find. I am not usually a fan cooked salmon, generally I prefer sashimi, or better still smoked salmon, but this was BBQ’d perfectly, meaty, without too much bone and every so slightly charred. Always nice to discover a new dish!

Can you get tipsy at tipsy seafood?

They had your bog standard stuff, so basically Angkor Beer, but what really excited me was the sight of draft Carlsberg. Sadly not available. I will though forgive them on this simply because many places have ran to of draft due to the lockdown.

Tipsy Seafood by the riverside in Phnom Penh, great success!!!

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