The Jolibee Menu

Ok, so this is definitely my last blog about Filipino Food, it’s been great, but as I move on, so should my culinary choices.

Seeing as it was my last day in the big smoke though, I’ve decided to do a last piece on the Jolibee menu. In case you don’t know what Jolibee is, I’ve done a great blog on it, but basically it’s a huge fast food chain in the philippines that McDonalds can’t touch. Now there’s a compliment.

Here’s my take on the Jolibee Menú! But I’ve left off all the rice crap, rice has no place on a fast food menú.

The main burger dish is called the Yummy Burger. If you’re expecting a Big Mac or a Whopper this will fuck with your happiness. It’s a Filipino take on a burger, it’s an acquired taste. I have acquired says taste . Ironically the McDo burger at McDonalds, Philippines is a (bad) clone of this.

burger in jollibee

FOR SHAME! This is not KFC, but I guess it at least beats Dicos. And it comes with gravy too…

Mushroom gravy

I drink the gravy at Jolibee. yes you heard that right, i drink it. Almost as good as KFC, but if only that had a gravy station..

And now shit getting real! One of the best parts of the menu, a hot-dog smothered in cheese. There’s still some on my shirt I may eat later.

This is the stuff legends are made of! Jolibee spaghettini has a cult following, it’s sweet, it’s cheesy, and it’s very Filipino. the done store hoods at McDonalds even copied with McSpaghetti. To explain what McSpaghetti tastes like? It tastes like Ronald McDonald has bent over Ray Kroc had raped him.


Jolibee used to do Wasabi Fries, they were awesome. Jolibee used to do cheesy fries, they were awesome. The regular fries are pretty meh.

Ever heard of Sarsi ? It’s an awesome sansparillia thst they sell in the Philippines. Here it comes as part of a float. Baller….

And that’s my whistle stop visual, and written word guide to the Jolibee Menú. Go forth and eat fast food!

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