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Dicos Menu Review

For whatever reason my blog on Dicos in China is one of my most read blogs, not to mention my article on the top 5 fast food restaurants in China, which you can read here.

I’ve therefore decided, and against my better judgment to break all known protocol, and walk past KFC to get to Dicos. How I suffer for my art.

Let’s rip apart the Dicos menu!

The picture of the menu is slightly poor, but I feel we can still get through this.

Dicos has an English menu

Half the battle is fixed right there! There’s a very thorough English menu at Dicos, detailing exactly what each thing is. At times I feel you’d actually rather not know.

There’s lot of chicken at Dicos

Dicos is a (bad) KFC clone. As Deng might hace put it, KFC with Chinese characteristics. Chicken burgers, buckets, and all variants of chicken rule the menu.

The Chicken burgers at Dicos

Whilst there’s a lot of chicken burgers on the Dicos menu, they essentially fall into two categories, chicken breast/steak in a bun, or breaded chicken in a bun. The chicken breast comes with a pineapple, usually tastes a bit undercooked, but is a good choice. At over $7 for the meal though, it’s not budget cuisine.

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