Cambodian clay-pot chicken

Overall I’d say I’m a big fan of Khmer cuisine, which is kinda handy as I am pretty much stuck here……The Street Food here is great and there are some truly standout dishes, such as raw oysters and loc lak. Today was the turn for Cambodian clay-pot chicken.

Sometimes though when it comes to street food you don’t actually want to go on the street, you want it delivered and this is where Cambodia is really improving.

Getting food delivered in Cambodia

When it comes to food delivery in Cambodia you pretty much have two options, Food Panda and NHAM 24. Apparently there are new ones on the way, but for all intents it is all about food panda. I have heard horror stories about how Food Panda are not that great with regards to the restaurants they work with, but a s a customer you order your food and in theory a driver delivers it to you. Food Panda drivers are not the smartest cats on the planet…..

The other alternative is to have a restaurant deliver directly to you. This works our particularly well with Korean food (thet deliver the food with cutlery) and I was to find out clay-pot chicken.

Clay pot chicken il

We ordered the chicken feast from  the imaginatively titled “Chicken Grill in the Clay Pot” directly meaning that we paid cash on arrival. One of the best things with knowing the owners and paying directly is that they delver it correctly. We received the Khmer chicken in the clay-pot.

Cambodian clay-pot chicken

In Cambodia clay-pot chicken is a bot of a premium dish and is traditionally cooked by families when there is a celebration. The chicken is cooked in the clay-pot on a bed of flavorsome shallots, oyster sauce, and lemongrass, with the guts of the chicken having been roved and included on the bed of vegetables.

Cambodian Clay Pot Chicken

Whats extra nice about how Cambodians do their chicken is that it is not in any way overdone. Not overly spicy, but with enough tang to keep it interesting.

I can take or leave rice, for me it is all in the garnish and the chicken came with the famous Khmer Garlic Chill Sauce, one of the most amazing hot sauces I have yet to try (the search is ongoing), although its not as easy on the way out as it is in…..

Cambodian Clay-Pot chicken, huge success….

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