Holy Lobster – Phnom Penh

Having a big coastline means that Cambodia has pretty damned good seafood, Sihanoukville and Koh Rong probably being the top places to get your fish jollies.

Phnom Penh though is the capital of Cambodia and also the best place to eat.

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I’d traveled to Phnom Penh from my home in Siem Reap to try and fix my visa back to China, something that basically proved pointless! I therefore decided I needed to treat myself to some good food, I wanted lobster, and the best lobster in Phnom Penh? Holy Lobster.

Holy Lobster is pretty centrally located in Phnom Penh, although you’d be unlikely to accidentally stumble upon it. For whatever reason Holy Lobster seems to be a big deal with Khmer people, but less so for barang.

The layout is typical Khmer BBQ style with tables full of people and the typical drink and sauce styled table setups.

The Holy Lobster Menu

Well its full of fish if you’d believe it, with lots of options for starters and of course many a crustacean! We went for the squid starter, which was frankly amazing.

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For the main course we went for shrimp and lobster! The shrimp were frankly the biggest things that I have ever seen and by far the best shrimp I have ever tasted.

The lobster was in a sense slightly underwhelming although they’d been cut so that you could rip off the flesh and eat the source with the spoon provided. By the end we’d had 6 huge shrimp, 6 pieces of lobster, squid and drinks and had only spent $30. Say what you want about being stuck in Cambodia, but you gotta love the cheap food!

So if you’re looking for great value shrimp and lobster in a Khmer setting in Phnom Penh head to Holy Lobster!

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