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Best burger in Phnom Penh

best burger in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh might be a hive of scum and villainy, but they got good restaurants and bars, so to PP we did go.

Our first night had taken us for oysters at the rather pretentious Phnom Penh Yacht Club, so day 2 demanded something much more attuned to our revolutionary roots.

Cousins Burger & Coffee is a French owned restaurant located near to pub street and central Phnom Penh. There’s other restaurants on the sane street, but largely they looked crap.

Rowan Beard talking burger

The famous burger to have is the “Big Cousin” which features two beef patties, lettuce, cheese tomato and some sexy burger juice.

I personally followed the lead of General Song-Dok! Who states “once you lift a burger do not put it down until finished”.

best burger in Phnom Penh
Cousins Burger Phnom Penh

The accompanying French fries are awesome and for 9 bucks it also comes with a beer and a salad. Of course you do not make friends with salad and I steered clear of that shit!

Is it the best burger in Phnom Penh? I guess so, but probably not the best in Cambodia, so far that lift title goes to a little while place in Kampot.

The evening was duly finished at Embargo Bar, unquestionably the best craft beer bar in the city.

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Bassac Lane

Hipster bars on Bassac Lane