8 Must-Visit Countries for Foodies

Every foodie will see a vacation as a chance to expand their horizons and try new cuisines in exciting new settings. There is nothing better than experiencing cuisine in a new country and you should find that even readily available cuisine like Chinese is vastly superior in China to what you get in the UK. Here are some of the best countries to visit for foodies.


The USA is a great place for foodies because it is so diverse and there are regional cuisines in all areas. Whether you are enjoying southern food in Nashville, pizza in Chicago, bagels in NYC or tacos in Los Angeles, you are sure to be satisfied!


Of course, Italy is a premier destination for foodies. You will be blown away by the pizza and pasta available throughout Italy, but you can also discover Italy’s rich food culture with Italy tours that will provide an educational and filling experience. You could even learn a few Tuscan recipes to impress your friends with back home!


Thailand is a terrific holiday destination as it is so beautiful and has such lively towns and cities to visit. The cuisine here is also incredible with fresh seafood, rice and coconut milk dishes.


You haven’t really had tapas until you’ve been to Spain. Jumping from bar to bar trying new dishes and enjoying a few glasses of Spanish wine is the ideal experience and a great social activity that helps you to soak up the atmosphere.


It is easy to see why Mexican is many people’s favourite cuisine with its incredible smells, textures and tastes. Again, this is a country where the food is so much better when you experience it in Mexico and it is also a fun and beautiful country with many places to visit.


If you want to experience Caribbean cuisine then Jamaica is the place to visit. It is hard to beat a hearty meal of Jerk chicken and a few cold ones while soaking up the lively atmosphere or chilling out at the beach in Jamaica.


Food is so deeply intertwined in the Indian culture that it makes India the perfect place for foodies. You are sure to learn a lot about food on a trip here and there is something for everyone with so many spices, meat dishes and vegetarian options.


Steak lovers will have Argentina on their bucket list and it certainly will not disappoint! This is the greatest place on the planet for filet mignon (or whatever your favourite cut is), but there are lots of other tantalizing dishes to choose from as well as options for vegetarians.

If you are a foodie then these are the places that should be on your shortlist for a vacation. There is nothing quite like experiencing cuisine in the country itself as this will give you an authentic experience and allows you to soak up the culture.


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