The Pristina Guide

I have decided to jot down at least a few words about everywhere that I visit on this trip, and in general, no matter how dour the place and Pristina is a bit dour……

Regardless I have been coming here for 10 years, and if nothing else the people are friendly, and there is at least one good hotel.

How to get to Pristina

Pristina is connected 1 hour from Prizren and Skopje, as well as just 3 or so from Tirana, and about 5 from Montenegro. Technically it’s about 7 hours from Belgrade, but this is a whole other bag of vegetables.

Accommodation in Pristina

For 10 years I have always stayed at Guesthouse Velania or Velania Guesthouse, and you guessed the Velania district! The Velania guesthouse is the best hotel for value in Pristina and for 20 Euro or so you get a private room with bathroom and cable (porn too). If you stay for longer than 3 days they will do your washing for you. Truly great hotel.

What to see in Pristina?

Really not that much. The statue of Bill Clinton is worth a look but the most fun to have is traveling 1 hour north to the divided city of Mitrovice. Something that again deserves its own blog.

What to eat in Pristina?

Kosovo is not Albania! The food here tends to very simple, it is burgers kebabs, and pizza. There are one or two restaurants with a more varied menu, but really not all that much is going on. Want real street food in Pristina? It is corn on the cob.

The nightlife of Pristina?

No real bar scene to speak of, what bars there are new built trendy places with no atmosphere. You will not find the pubs here. There are 2 nightclubs and massage places for tired gentlemen in Prishtina.

Is it worth visiting Pristina?

Very much so, if only to pass through and stay at Velania Guesthouse. Kosovo is one of the worlds newest countries and to understand Kosovo, you need to see Pristina.

Getting out of Pristina

So! Serbia does not recognize Kosovo? If you wish to travel to Serbia post-Kosovo, you will NEED to enter via a 3rd country. We opted for the one hour journey to Skopje and then a bus to Belgrade. It is long-winded but quicker than doing Montenegro.

That is my guide to Pristina!

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