Kimchi Rahmen Sandwich

I’m now 7 days into quarantine and living on 7-11 food, mostly sandwiches, and noodles. I’ve therefore decided to combine the two and make my diet more “interesting”. The Kimchi Rahmen Sandwich is born.

Step 1 – The noodles

I like Korea, I like kimchi and 7-11 had kimchi Rahmen. Boil a kettle, add sauce, easy.

Step 2 – The bread

I managed to purchase a loaf of bread for about a buck fifty. We’ll half a loaf, but who is counting.

Step 3 – Add Meat

China and Hong Kong do cheap processed sausages. I used to feed them to my dog. Now I’m eating it.

Step 4 – Add meat and noodles to bread

As simple as it sounds, get your bread out and start constructing that sandwich! Doesn’t it look divine????

Step 5 – Eat kimchi noodle sandwich

In conclusion, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve eaten and boy did it fill me up. Although to give the taste some context, I’ve also eaten a pig penis and bat, so what the hell do I know.

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