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Kimchi Rahmen Sandwich

kimchi rahmen sandwich

I’m now 7 days into quarantine and living on 7-11 food, mostly sandwiches, and noodles. I’ve therefore decided to combine the two and make my diet more “interesting”. The Kimchi Rahmen Sandwich is born.

Step 1 – The noodles

I like Korea, I like kimchi and 7-11 had kimchi Rahmen. Boil a kettle, add sauce, easy.

Step 2 – The bread

I managed to purchase a loaf of bread for about a buck fifty. We’ll half a loaf, but who is counting.

Sandwich bread
Sandwich Bread

Step 3 – Add Meat

China and Hong Kong do cheap processed sausages. I used to feed them to my dog. Now I’m eating it.

Cheap chinese sausage

Step 4 – Add meat and noodles to bread

As simple as it sounds, get your bread out and start constructing that sandwich! Doesn’t it look divine????

Step 5 – Eat kimchi noodle sandwich

Kimchi Rahmen Sandwich

In conclusion, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve eaten and boy did it fill me up. Although to give the taste some context, I’ve also eaten a pig penis and bat, so what the hell do I know.

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