Things to do in Xiamen

Are you planning to enjoy in the coastal city of Xiamen, a friendly destination in China? Being a colonial trading port, you will enjoy the natural and historical sights here.  You can  fly to Xiamen with the friendliest flights and plan beforehand so that you can plan some economic deals. 

Things to do in Xiamen
  1. Gallery of architecture, Gulangyu Island: Visit the Gulangyu Island, a UNESCO rated World heritage center known for schools, churches, mansions and also businesses all conglomerated around a 2 kilometer radius Gulangyu Island. You will trace the history of the place which is 100 years old and also explore across the important landmarks like Quanzhou road, Guxin road, Anhai road, Union church, and other attractions like climbing the Sunlight Rocks.
  2. Visiting UNESCO world heritage Hakka Earth buildings: If you are in love with the great architectural buildings and other heritage sites, you must pay a visit to the Hakka Earth buildings. Visit the Fujian Tulou, a large residential building based on the philosophy of nature and humanity and get immersed in the boorish, primitive scenario around.
  3. Make a wish at Nanputuo Temple: surrounded by the Wulao peaks and the bountiful sea, the Nanputuo Temple stands as the national key and a Buddhist temple. You will love the sight of the temples which were built almost a thousand years ago by the Tang dynasty that still stands tall and experiences history. Try visiting during the grand Buddhists events held at the Nanputuo temple where you will see men and women bend down with incense stick in their hand, praying for wealth and health.
  4. Enjoying food, arcade buildings at Zhongshan road walking street:  Have the privilege of walking along the oldest commercial street in Xiamen where the buildings and arcades are pink and milky white in color. You will love the splendid night view along with the dazzling Fujian Taiwan snacks. Don’t miss the pizza experience at the 24th floor of the coast mansion at the 6th floor of Lijiang Hotel.
  5. Cycling across Huandao Road: The Xiamen Huandao road is built by the sides of the University and extends till the Old convention road known as the ‘Golden Coastline’ also popularly known as the five color road. You will see many scenic spots like coconut village, Hulishan fortress, Zeng Cuo An, and several others which are a great places to chill out. Rent a bike and cycle alongside the road and enjoy the special charm. Enjoy a trip to the coconut village that takes around 40 minutes to reach.  
  6. Experience the local life at the eighth seafood market: If you want to get a flavor of the nightlife in China, visit the largest seafood market located in Xiamen known as the Eighth market. You will get each and every item of your choice starting from shrimp and crabs at a very economic rate. Apart from that you can but fresh vegetable and fruits from this stall.

You may plan to see other sites like Xiamen University, Botanical gardens and also enjoy the cableway sight of the city. Xiamen will never fail to impress you with the huge bucket of assets. Simply plan your list of places to visit before you finalize the trip.

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