The 5 Most Gut Wrenching Foods on the Planet

The other day at Amazonia Bar in Tirana whilst sampling the joys of Albanian cuisine I ate the head of a lamb, complete with brains, eyes, the whole nine yards. Didn’t like it all that much if I’m gonna be honest, but as I looked back on things, I realized it was the worst food I had eaten nor heard of.

Here are some of the most gut-wrenching foods on the planet that should probably be avoided like the plague they might give you.

5) Tamilok

Tamilok gained its name when two American GI’s spotted some Filipinos eating a god damned woodworm and one said “Tommy Look” which became Tamilok. If he had been allowed to finish the sentence it might have been more “Tommy what the fuck are those guys eating”. Tamilok is a mollusk they say tastes like an oyster. It isn’t, it is a woodworm, and it tastes like man milk in dishwater.

4) PagPag

PagPag literally means to dust off the dirt in Tagalog. Filipino, but in a culinary sense it means to get leftover takeaway food from dumpsters, take it back to your “restaurant”, and sell to people so poor it is all they can afford. There are many illnesses associated with PagPag. Even more tragic though there is a twat in London called the gutter gourmet who does this for fun.

3) Snake and Pigs Penis

When I was in Yangshuo I tried snake, which was slimy spicy, and rank, as well as pigs penis. I think entry 3 could just be a penis in general, as I have also tried cow penis and lamb testicles. Overall there is something just gut-wrenchingly wrong about chowing down on the meat and two vegs of any animal in my book.

2) Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu is a sheep milk cheese, good so far, that contains maggot larvae. That is right the cheese has maggots in it. And when do you know the cheese is ready? Because the larvae hatches. To eat the cheese you need to hold a sandwich above your head as the maggots literally jump out to save themselves. The EU has rightly banned this cheese, which means after Brexit the UK will surely be inundated with it. Nice.

1) Hakarl

Hakarl, also known as fermented shark, can’t be all that bad, can it? Well whilst Casu Marzu might contain live maggots, what Hakarl has is a unique stench. Here’s how it works, you bury a shark, and then piss on it (gig). You then hang it out for 5 months. It stinks of Ammonia and looks rotten, the good news is it isn’t rotten, it is merely fermented. Very few people get passed the smell, oh and it also tastes rank. If you fancy we will be trying this during our Greenland Cruise in September.

So there is the Street Food Guys 5 most rank foods, do you have any to better them?

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