Amazonia Taverna Review

Despite being genuine bonafide Street Food Guy, I have been a bit lacking in reviews of actual restaurants and food type places, so I have decided to review and promote my new favourite hangout, Amazonia Taverna in Tirana. There’s a number of reasons I like this place, such as, well the food, but it has also turned into the unofficial hangout and drinking place for Pioneer Media, and the crew of Castle Freak.

Where is the Amazonia?

Right down the middle of boulevard Bajram Curri, halfway between the Hilton, and the Block. Conveniently next to Glow Bar, a delightful 24-hour bar that comes in very useful when Amazonia Taverna closes. Glow Bar Tirana probably deserves its own blog.

What is the cuisine?

Good old fashioned proper Albanian cuisine, lots of good meat, bread, and salad dishes.

Some top dish suggestions are as follows:

• Qofte at 30 cents is an Albanian sausage/meatball and is an absolute staple

• Tarokafteri – A plate of cheese either served hot, or cold, but whatever, guys it’s a plate of liquid cheese!
• Greek Salad – OK it’s Greek, but at $1.20 it is HUGE!
• Lambs head – Inclusive of the brain and all! This wasn’t great. I am not gonna lie.

• Rakia – Did I mention I like Rakia.

Is the food any good at the Amazonia Tirana?

As authentic Albanian cuisine goes the Amazonia is one of my favourite restaurants in Tirana, hence we visit pretty much every night.

Is it expensive?

Eating in Albania is cheap in general, but this restaurant is cheap even by local standards. A greek salad costs less than $1.50, and a Qofte sausage is less than .30 cents! Beers are also very cheap.

How’s the service?

The service is one of the kickers about this place, there are a few guys who speak a bit of English, and they have always been very accommodating, even staying open late whilst we pummeled back endless beers!

How is the ambiance?

You sit outside with outside fans blowing cold water through the air, drinking beer, eating great food, whilst watching the beautiful people walk past. It is very easy to get used to a Mediterranean lifestyle!

And the drink situation?

I thought you’d never ask! Big glasses of locally brewed draft beer and Rakia. They also have water, espresso, and all that jazz. It is also located next to genuine dive bar “Glow Bar”, which as mentioned opens for 24 hours a day! So when Amazonia Tirana eventually closes, your night does not have to stop.

Summary of the Amazonia Taverna

One of the best restaurants in Tirana, and probably for Albania. The Street Food Guy strongly recommends this place.

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