Street Food Chunking Mansions

An absolute den of criminality, vice, and cheap hotels, but street food Chunking Mansions is quite amazing!

For those of you unaware what Chunking Manions is, check out this gem I recently wrote. Basically it’s two things, the dodgiest plane in Honkers, and little India. Well that’s a bit simplistic, it’s also the place yiu score drugs.

The food in Chunking Mansions is epic, but i’ll try and simplify it a bit. Basically pick a South Asian food from Laysia down, they got Goan, Pakistani, Tamil, Sri Lankan, delicious and served very simply. Even during the height of the coronavirus. I’ll admit that the lack of facemasks put ne off on this particular day. And that’s the first floor.

The first/second floor of Chinking Mansions is where will find by far the best Indian restaurants in Hong Kong, all with people outside trying to drag you in.

Whats the best Indian restaurant in Chunking Mansions?

In my opinion Swagat. They got vindallo, great nans, draft beer and a cheeky smoking area! i’m a man with very simple pleasures.

Is there anything apart from Indian Food at Chunking Mansions?

The kebabs are OK, and there’s Affican care i’ve yet to try . Aside from that, not a lot really…

Generally speaking i’ll take Hong Kong Street Food as my go to, but a change is as good as a holiday!

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