Castle Freak 2020

Castle Freak 2020 is finally out! Last year I was lucky enough to work with Pioneer Media (link 1) on filming a remake of this horror classic.

Pioneer Media

We founded Pioneer Media a few years ago as a film logistics and locations company after w whirlwind tour of Eastern Europe. As things progressed we managed to get a deal remaking Castle Freak in Albania.

To see the original on YouTube click here

The original contained the legendary Barbara Crampton, who would also be assisting on the remake.

My first movie

I’ve had a varied career that has had me doing everything from bartending to guiding tours. I had not though done any movies. I arrived in Albania to be the Locations Manager, but ended up as the 3rd Assistant Director. A lot more glam that it sounds.

To read about what a 3rd AD does click here

To read about remaking Castle Freak click here

I didn’t exactly hit the ground running and found my new choice of career a little bit daunting to start with, but like most things I managed to find my groove and get things done. In the end the job was not all that different to running tours. A lot of logistics and keeping actors happy essentially. Although long days, very long days.

Castle Freak 2020

So after 5 months of planning and filming we managed to finish Castle Freak 2020 in the summer of 2019. It had originally been planned to be shown at numerous film festivals and get a premier and all that. Sadly coronavirus happened and well shit went tits up.

At times we wondered if Castle Freak 2020 would become Castle Freak 2021, or not get released at all. But as of today December 4th 2020 it has finally been released!

Do the masses like Castle Freak 2020?

So far the reviews have been kind, although no one has of yet complimented me on my acting.

The film is available on Shudder and other VOD services. So try and watch it if you can!

To watch the trailer click here

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