I have been lucky enough to have spent most of the last ten years being paid to eat, drink, travel, and guide with Young Pioneer Tours. Nowadays being the boss, and a movie maker with Pioneer Media, means I do not guide all that many tours anymore.

Alas as things stand, and as I am sure you are very much aware, coronavirus has pretty much put paid to global travel currently.  This makes me very mucha digital nomad right now!

So, basically here are the tours that I will in theory be guiding in 2020, although in the current situation things can, and undoubedly will change. Get in touch by e-mail if you’d like an exclusive Street Food Guy discount!

2020 Tours

Palawan Tour

Start Date : September 30th 2020
End Date : October 8th 2020

Svalbard Tour

Start Date : October 11th 2020
End Date : October 16th, 2020