The Street Food Guy (me)

My name is Gareth Johnson, and I am the founder of adventure travel company Young Pioneer Tours. I founded the company back in 2008, and since then have been lucky enough to be paid to essentially live my dream.

As you may know, during this time we have certainly had our ups, and downs (well documented), but overall there is very little I would change about the journey I have taken. As well as Young Pioneer Tours, I have also been involved in a lot of other projects (some more successful than others), with my current “big one” being Lets Buy An Island. To cut a long story short, we aim to crowd fund $400,000 to buy our own tropical island to run as a profit making Micronation. I guess you could say I’m the quintessential entrepreneur, or as my Cuban friends like to say a “progressive revolutionary”.

Over the last 10+ years, I have been lucky enough to be paid to do the things that I love, travel, drink, and eat by earning my money online. Although when I say lucky, I’ve generally found that the harder I work, and the more I take risks, the luckier I tend to get.

Last year I decided I wanted to take my blogging seriously again, and the question arose of what should I blog about? It is my genuine opinion, that not only should everyone blog, but you should blog about what you are passionate about, not what you think people will read. I like travel, drinking, and eating, particularly Street Food. Voila, The Street Food Guy was born (or resurrected).


And then of course Covid-19 hit and things changed A LOT. Since March of 2020 I have thus been stuck/called home Cambodia – therefore the content is either memory centric, or Cambodia focussed. Whilst I largely write myself we are always open to collaborations with other people, so if you want to write for us get in touch.

So, join the cult of Gareth, learn I’m not actually a made-up character, take part in one of my food based tours, and who knows maybe get inspired to do something cool yourself!

This is the world of the Street Food Guy!