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Weird food – and how to eat it!

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Eating bugs in Cambodia

There are certain foods that transcend the word weird and pass over into the frankly disgusting! So what is it with weird food? Why do we eat weird foods?

For me personally as a foodie I see weird foods as not only exciting, but frankly as a challenge that needs to tackled squarely head on!

So how do you eat weird food?

  • Get a few beers in you
  • Depending on how gross the food is close your eyes when you eat it
  • ALWAYS follow it with a chaser.

My 5 Top Weird Foods I’ve Eaten (and How to Eat Them)

Snake blood and heart shot

Sorry PETA people but this involves cutting open a snake ripping out its heart draining the blood into s she glsss, swallowing the beating heart and necking the shot. You definitely need a drink before this one! The worst part of this is the natalic taste from the blood.

How to eat bugs?

I’ve eaten lot of bugs, from larvae to deep fried frogs and even a scorpion. They taste a bit like crisps/chips. To eat a bug chew it as best as you can then chase it with something nice like a coke. Bugs are weird food not a delicacy!

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How to eat hakarl?

Hakarl is fermented Greenlandic shark that smells of piss! Actually when you put it in your mouth and the smell has gone its quite chewy and not that bad. Luckily they provide a shot of local moonshine to help with this. Best tried Iceland

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How do you eat durian?

Durian might have a a funky smell, but it is delicious! If you do not agree you are wrong. To eat it bite what you can off of the seed then suck the custard like juices off the seed. Yum to some weird durian.

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How to eat balut? (a very weird food)

This is a very controversial one as it is a fertilized duck egg! I love this as a drinking snack. Rip the top off of the egg, add salt and vinegar, drink the juice and then rip more shell off. Finish by eating it in 3 bites.

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And that is my homage to weird food and indeed how to eat weird food from a very weird street food guy!

Xoi Man in Vietnam

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