AEON Mall Topvalu

AEON Mall Topvalu. Sadly I can’t go all Hollywood and write about new restaurants all of the time. Today instead of hitting the town I hit the mall. For those not aware AEON Mall is the mall in Phnom Penh. So “the” that in fact that during the recent Covid-19 outbreak the mall was closed.

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Who owns AEON Mall?

AEON Mall literally could not be any more Japanese. There are some regular stores, but it is very much dominated by $2, or better still $1.90 stores. It also has a Japanese supermarket. Not nearly as good as Angkor Market in Siem Reap, but decent enough to buy western stuff.

AEON Mall Topvalu

As is my persuasion when in a supermarket I found myself browsing the drinks section. It was here that I discovered a bunch of cans that sad 9% proof. They also seemed to be of a fruity nature. To be honest you had me at 9%……

Looking at the cans I assumed they were part of some kind of drinks brand, like Thai Spy Wine Coolers for example , but all I could gather from the can was “Topvalu”.

Apparently Topvalu is a range of products numbering the thousands that are Japanese made and unique to AEON Mall.

The Highball

I started off with the highball. For anyone with any passing knowledge of the cocktail world you will know it is Japanese Whisky and soda. Many a highball was enjoyed at Crowne Chicken in Siem Reap. Sadly that gem has now closed.

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So, this is a classic cocktail. Of course Japanese whisky is really good, as opposed to say North Korean . Overall quite enjoyable and strong.

The can was 330 ml, but they had a 500 ml version that I kind of regret not getting now.

Strong Tru-High Grape

Again this might be a blog that I decide to expand on at some point, because there were lots of flavors!

So, I went for Strong Tru-High Grape flavor and it was absolutely everything I was expecting! I was jonesing for an alcopop and this was exactly it! Like Spy Wine Cooler , or Tanduay Ice , but twice the strength. As I like to call it a creeper. Nine percent booze that tastes like candy is absolute danger!

Soju was 90 cents a bottle…..

Hey there Mr Khmer Merry f-ing Christmas! To paraphrase Mr Garison of South Park fame. Bingo Soju is one of the cheaper soju on the market, but will usually set you back $1.95, hardly expensive. Well its Christmas, so it was 90 cents per bottle. I got 3, although decided to only drink 1.

So, not my most intense of blogs, but I will be

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