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Tanduay Ice

Tanduay Ice

What is Tanduay Ice? Originally it was the Filipino version of Smirnoff Ice, but has since expanded into being THE Alcopop of the Philippines. And I LOVE it!

OK, so I have previously written what might be considered a rather disparaging blog about Tanduay Rum. It’s not that I don’t like it, I actually love the stuff, but it should not declare itself the best rum in the world!

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Tanduay Ice
Tanduay Ice Pomelo flavor

Tanduay Ice

This though is a whole other bag of vegetables! The drink is obviously made by the fine folks at Tanduay Rum. The “white” flavor (we will get onto colored flavors later) is literally a direct rip-off of Smirnoff Ice. It is sugar, it is lime, it tastes like a soft-drink and it is booze! All the main food groups you need when hungover.

I remember being on a beach on Puerta Gallera and knocking my first ever one back in one go. It was hot, I was on a beach and with this drink, I was now in love.

Tanduay Ice expands!!!!!

Tanduay Ice white lis literally called white. Then they brought out Tanduay Ice Red (Energy), Tanduay Ice Blue (fresh), and Tanduay Ice Yellow. It seems a little weird to name a drink after a color, but red really tastes red and blue tastes blue. I can’t really explain it better than that. Even when you order them, staff ask you what color you want! All rather amusing.

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This was to remain the statues quo for quite a while and whilst no one complained the masses still wished that perhaps the guys at Tanduay had something else up their sleeves, and a few years ago they again delivered.

The Latest Flavors

Now this is where I think the Tanduay guys got all smart, there are only so many primary colours. I mean who is gonna order a Tanduay Brown? So, they moved onto flavours! Namely Tanduay Ice Lemonade, which is extremely good and tastes like an American style lemonade and Tanduay Vodka and Cranberry which does a job Colour wise they are a lighter green and a darker red, for those traditionalists of you out there. Theres also a Tanduay Ice Apple, a darker green I guess that I also quite like. Sadly these ones are less available in bars, but you will find them at the 7/11!

Tanduay Jumps on the losing weight fad

Theres also Tanduay Ice light, which tastes bad, and Tanduay Ice Zero, which I hate. Yet I am quite the loyal traditionalist when it comes to these things! I therefore do appreciate that they have a rightful place on the Filipino drink scene.

And that is my love story with Tanduay Ice. Yes it is a girly drink, but you try sitting a hot beach in the Philippines, drinking one and then tell me if you were refreshed, or not. I thought as much….

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