4 Tips And Tricks To Lead You Towards The Tastiest Drinks You Will Have

More often than not, we find ourselves going to the same bar, coffee shop, or juice parlor. Perhaps the space is extremely comfortable, or the waiter/waitress really cheers you up. In most cases, however, we keep coming back for more of what is served. When it comes to customer retention in refreshment facilities, the art of mixology makes all the difference.

Well, anyone can squirt vodka on ice, add some juice, top it off with an umbrella, and call it a cocktail. You can also blend a few fruits together and call it a smoothie or cocktail juice, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a great drink. All the same, you can make extraordinary drinks with a few tips up your sleeve. With this being said, here are some tips and tricks that can lead you to some of the tastiest drinks ever.

1. Try Out Different Cocktails

We all have different tastes when it comes to drinks, just like we all have different personalities. As a result, various orders will be placed at the pub, restaurant, and other locations. This is because each person has discovered what they enjoy and has developed a taste for it. In your case, you will want to figure out what you like first, and then take it from there. If you are more into the hard stuff, you will want to learn a few ways to make alcohol taste better. Start with your current favorite drink because you are more familiar with it. After that, refine it, and play with new cocktails. After a few more trials, you will be able to make cocktails that are as good as or better than those served by your favorite bartender or waitress.

2. Get the Essential Tools and Equipment

Now that you know your taste, the next step is to find combinations that best treat your taste buds. Some cocktails will definitely need specific tools and equipment, especially those that involve different kinds of fresh juice. In this case, a twin gear juicer will give you a higher yield of juice compared to an ordinary or single auger juicer. The juice will also be finer and free from fiber, which further enhances the taste of your final drinks. You just have to approach the market informed, considering the various models available. Making mouthwatering cocktails has never been easier.

In addition to a juicer, a few other pieces of equipment you may need for a fine-tasting cocktail drink include:

  • Jigger
  • Measuring spoon
  • Glasses – including tot glass
  • Shaker
  • Muddler
  • Strainer
  • Channel Knife
  • Juicer

It is also worth mentioning that of all these tools, the juicer is perhaps the most expensive. This is all the more reason to ensure you pick a quality model that will last long and serve you without hiccups.

3. Prepare

If you don’t prepare, you’re setting yourself up for a humiliating failure. When you want to make a drink that tastes better than any other you’ve ever had, you’ll need to take your time to collect all of the necessary ingredients. You will never make a drink as good as you want it to be when you are always short of one or more ingredients. With that in mind, ice is one item that you can never run out of. Most cocktails necessitate the use of ice the same way baking requires baking powder. If going to the store for ice isn’t an option right now, keep an ice pack in your freezer to avoid running out. 
In addition to ice, be sure to gather up all the organic fruits and ready beverages you need to make your final product. Be sure to check them here and getting prepared could also mean arming yourself with some recipe ideas. You will find lots of these online from major organic food websites and beverage brands. You can also get in touch with one or two popular mixologists in your area and ask for a few tricks or inspiration.

4. Measure

Keep an eye on what your bartender does any time an order is made the next time you’re sipping on a drink at the bar. He makes sure to measure each and very ingredient, so the final drink comes out as great as you want it to be. Nonetheless, do not be misled into thinking that this is something only restricted to hospitality trainees and airline bartenders. Precise measurement makes all the difference in terms of how any cocktail drink comes out. It has an impact on the resulting look, taste, flavor, and aroma. 

Although it can seem amateurish to bring out a rack of jiggers and spoons, it shows your dedication to serving a perfectly blended drink rather than a cup of liquor poured with the same care as a ballpark soda. Clients would want to see how dedicated you are to offering them only the best if you intend to open a bar. Precise measurement is one of the tricks used by mixologists to prepare tasty and flavorful drinks.

Finally: Put Your Best Glass Forward

A well-made cocktail is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. If you want to make delicious cocktails, think of the best vessels to serve them in. Depending on the particular ingredients in the cocktail, each cocktail is served in a different vessel. If you’re serving a tropical blended cocktail, instead of pouring it into a pint bottle, pour it into a hollowed coconut and top it with a colorful umbrella. A chilled mug will suffice if you’re serving beer from the tap.

Mixed beverages containing lemonade, on the other hand, look better when served in a mason jar. Customers will return, and your friends will be excited to drop by every now and then if you serve drinks this way.

You may need an expert bartender’s perception if you want to make good-tasting cocktails. Any time you place an order, pay attention to what he does. You’ll get ideas for making some of the best-tasting drinks you’ve ever had right here. All the same, the tips in this piece should assist you in doing so.

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