How To Make Healthy Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine is filled with dishes that are strong in flavors, aroma, and culture. There’s a reason why people love Mexican food so much.  Tacos, nachos, burritos, quesadillas – there are just so many dishes to try and enjoy. Of course, you also have to eat responsibly as well.

The common misconception is that Mexican food is unhealthy. This is most likely brought on by the fact that many fast-food chains love recreating Mexican dishes with their own twist. Authentic Mexican food isn’t just made with love, it’s also made with a healthy serving of fresh vegetables and herbs.

Healthy Restaurant Choices

If you are really pressed for time and you need to order out, don’t feel too guilty about your food. While fast food is generally unhealthy, you can make it better for your body by making these important considerations when ordering out.

  • Tortilla Options – When picking your tortilla, don’t go for flour tortillas. Go for corn tortillas if there are any as this is more natural and healthier as well. It’s a good source of fiber and magnesium but most importantly, it has lesser sugar and fat.
  • Sauce Options – The sauce is often the heart and soul of a good taco or burrito. When eating healthy, avoid cream or cheese-based sauces as tempting as they may be. Go for tomato-based sauces instead. Guacamole can also be a good alternative to unhealthy sauces.
  • Skip The Tortilla Chips – In most Mexican restaurants, tortilla chips are already a standard appetizer. Sit this one out as these chips are unhealthy and oily as well. If you really want an appetizer, go for a salad instead.
  • Picking The Protein – Carnitas are definitely delicious and filling but they are also high in calories. When picking your protein for the taco or burrito, go for lean meats such as chicken and fish instead.

Try Vegan Recipes

The good thing about Mexican dishes like burritos, tacos, and quesadillas is that it’s very easy to make vegan variations of them. Simply replace the meat with a vegan ingredient that will serve as the star of the dish. Don’t be intimidated by vegan dishes as they can be just as delicious as meat dishes as well.

How To Make Healthy Mexican Food

When making vegan food, all ingredients must be organic. If you check this list of the best vegan burrito recipes some of the common ingredients include black beans, rice, avocados, and other leafy vegetables. Just because there isn’t meat in this that doesn’t mean it’s no longer delicious.

The primary ingredients in a burrito are rice and beans. These alone are vegan ingredients already. Don’t worry too much about the tortilla wrap that you use, there are many vegan tortillas in groceries nowadays. Make sure to get vegan sour cream for that extra kick in your vegan burrito as well.

Instead of ordering out or eating out for that Mexican food craving that you have, it’s much better to cook your own versions of their dishes at home instead. Who knows, your kids might even prefer these homemade dishes over those unhealthy fast-food options out there.

Be Careful With Protein

The meat you choose for your Mexican dish matters very much. It’s going to be the main star after all. As said earlier, the best protein for health buffs is chicken. Most particularly, go with leaner cuts of meat such as chicken or turkey breast. Go for white fish such as Tilapia and Cream Dory.

As for the cooking process, don’t bother with stewing or frying your meats. The healthiest way to prepare your protein without losing too much flavor is to grill it. This adds a ton of flavor to the meat and it ensures that the protein won’t dry out just like steaming would do.

Make Dishes With Fresh Ingredients

It can be appealing to make your dish easier by going for ready-made ingredients but that’s not what Mexican cuisine is about. The cuisine thrives on the freshest ingredients. Always go for the fresh produce and meat that you can find instead of buying canned ingredients.

Don’t limit yourself to Mexican staples like tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and avocados. Feel free to add your own twist by throwing nuts into the mix. Not only does it add new flavors to your Mexican dish, but it can also introduce some amazing new textures and some crunch as well.

True enough, ordering your favorite Mexican dishes from a restaurant or a fast-food chain is fast and less tiring. However, considering how healthy and delicious your homemade deals can be, that extra trouble to cook is well worth it.

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