Sundown Social Club – Great Craft Beer in Russian Market

Sundown Social Club is really hard to find if you are an idiot like me. I found myself literally dropped in the middle of the busy Russian market area wondering WTF was going on. I do not like having my phone out in these situations.

Sundown Social Club – great drinks and a view

After climbing 3 flights of stairs you are greeted to a proper bar which offers a frankly amazing view of the Russian market, quite simply it is worth coming just for this. They have a number of well-known and popular craft beers on tap, I am not a craft beer guy, but my guys were happy enough.

Sundown Social Club Cocktails

I’m all about the cocktails and their great cocktail list consisted of a lot of great drinks for $3 a pop I tried a Sundown Social Club Cocktail – that was literally the name and it was good.

They also did jugs of cocktails, which led to use having a jug of Sangria. Sangria can often be touch and go, but overall they did a top job with it and it had the mellowing affect we desired.

Sundown Social Club Food

This was to be one of those days where I was t eat late, eventually finally getting food on 130 at 10pm.

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The menu looked decent though and had good western fare as well as some Khmer classics thrown in like Lo Lak – you can never go wrong with Lok Lak

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Why oh why is it called Russian Market?

Whilst enjoying the overcast cloudy and soon to be rainy view of the Russian market we ended up asking theater why it was called Russian market – he had no idea, but Google did. Apparently during socialist times this was where the Russians shopped, so they called it colloquially Russian market. Nice and simple and not dissimilar to Russia town in Beijing.

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Overall a big thumbs up to Sundance Social Club Phnom Penh, not to be confused with Sundance Hostel/Bar/Restaurant  of Street 172 – there you will find beers and many other joys that only street 172 can bring.

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The craft beer scene of Phnom Penh is truly an interesting one and one I shall indeed continue to explore.

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