Important Things You Need To Know Before Going On Your First Wine Tour

Wine tours can be among the most unique and enriching events that you’ll get to experience. Aside from the wine tasting part of the tour, which is something that everyone anticipates, touring the vineyards and walking through the endless rows of this harvest season can be very interesting. You may even be encouraged to pick out a few grapes, right from the vine, to sample them. Though, this depends on the season in which you’re visiting the vineyard, of course.

After you’re done with your vineyard tour, the hosts will guide you toward the winery’s production area where you will finally indulge in wine tasting. Your wine tour can be as short or as long as you want it to be; it can last no more than an afternoon or be as long as an entire two weeks. From kayaking to golfing, you may even be able to make time for several fun activities. You can tour several wineries a day if you want. Many wineries open their doors to tourists on several occasions throughout the year. The incredible experience that they have to offer is actually intended to help them increase their sales. Who wouldn’t want to go home with at least a few bottles of pinot and merlot after hours of strolling through wine vines in the sun?

If this is your first time going on a wine tour, here are important things that you need to know before you go.

Dress Comfortably

Everyone knows the importance of dressing properly on every occasion, and a wine tour is no exception. Unless there’s a certain dress code that you should follow, make sure that you dress comfortably for the excursion. You should also keep in mind that you will be walking and standing around a lot, which is why you should pay special attention to your choice of footwear. Avoid wearing heels or dress shoes; uncomfortable shoes and clothing can make your experience less enjoyable. Another thing to keep in consideration is that things get spilled all the time! To avoid the possibility of walking around with a conspicuous red stain on your clothing, you may want to dress in darker colors. When you are walking through the vineyard, you will likely need to carry your belongings, notes, food, and glass; make sure to bring a backpack along, tie your hair back, and avoid things, like dangling sleeves or long slippery scarves, that can get in your way.

Budgeting and Planning

Some wine, especially in vineyards, can get really expensive. Between the many wine options available in vineyards and all the other activities (if you are planning to do any), you can end up spending more than expected. The van service providers at Van in Black state that you can even ride to several wineries in style. Finding a list of all the wine options that will be available during the tour can be helpful. You can prioritize your options and decide the ones that you would want to try out beforehand. This will help you ensure that you don’t end up overspending. Make sure to have a detailed plan that includes all activities that you are planning to do, along with an allocated budget. If you are planning to return home with a new addition to your wine cellar, you need to bring enough extra money.

Ask Questions

Wine tours are educational experiences; while they are fun to join, you can also benefit immensely from them. Even if you don’t really plan on doing much with this information, it can be a great way to enrich your general knowledge and feed into your wine-making curiosity. The specialized vineyard staff would love to answer all of your questions regarding all the wine that they have to offer. You may also get the chance to meet the winemaker. To get the most out of your visit, you should keep a note of all the things that you’d like to learn about. You can ask all about the vineyard’s history, or why they chose a certain grape cultivar to make their wine. You can also ask them about wine in general; they are professionals who love enthusiastic and inquisitive minds!

Wine tours can be very rewarding experiences, in terms of knowledge and fun. Going on a wine tour can serve as an excuse to explore the world. When you visit wine regions, you will get to traverse the surrounding hidden gems. You may also discover that wine is your ultimate passion; perhaps you’ll decide to become a world-renowned wine connoisseur or establish your own vineyard!

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