Sok San Beach – The number 1 best beach on Koh Rong?

Sok San Beach, the number 1 best beach on Koh Rong? Well there is a lot of competition to be fair, but it certainly has its charms.

Sok San Beach
sok San Beach

Where to see on Koh Rong?

The largest village and main party place is Koh Toch, sometimes spelt Koh Touch, as in touch. This is the place to be if you want to party. Then thees Police Beach, ironically where all the raves used to happen and 4k beach, which is next to Koh Toch.

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Theres lots of resorts and the like, but also the rarely spoken about Sok San Beach.

How to get to Sok San Beach?

Now there are roads taking a moto here takes 45 minutes, a boat from Koh Toch to Sok San Beach will cost $40 and take 90 minutes. Do not make the mistake we did and forget to buy beer…

Sadly the ferries no longer go here, although the supply boat does.

n Beach
Baot to Sok San Beach

What is in Sok San Village?

Not much at all! But it is the second biggest village on Koh Rong. This is more traditional Khmer island life. There are a few bars and restaurants, but mostly Khmer stuff. Because of Covid a lot of the beach huts are derelict. but there is life here and places to stay.

Why is Sok san Beach Koh Rong so nice?

Beaches are beaches, but very now and again some beaches are just nicer than others. Son San Beach just has that tropical feeling of untouchedness that is rare to find. Partly this is circumstance, but you also get the feeling that even when things open they will keep this rustic vibe.

The best beach in Koh Rong?

Quite possibly, but it really does depend on what you are looking for!

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