Best Hotel Deal in Kampot – Onederz Kampot

Looking for the best hotel deal in Kampot? Head to Onederz Kampot – $15 a night, $300 a month and they have a great swimming pool, really what more could one ask from life?

While not usually being a fan of the big chains, Onederz to be fair are not exactly McDonalds. They do though from what I can gather have branches in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Kampot and Koh Rong Sanloem.

To read about why there is no McDonalds in Cambodia click here .

I have so far only partook in the Phnom Penh and Kampot branches, but both offered a great pool. cheap drinks and decent rooms.

Vibola Guesthouse

Vibola used to be my favorite place, but then they closed for 5 days, which let me to the wonder of Onederz. In hindsight much better service, cheaper rooms and a far better pool. There are less Kool Kampot places that charge eve more for rooms that do not have pool, nor a functioning bar – for shame!

You can read about Vibola here, or better still Happy Pizza which is still the best restaurant, or at least the best steak in Kampot. Or better still my guide to Bokor Hill Station.

Best Hotel Deal In Kampot

Onederz Kampot
Onederz Kampot

So Kampot is pretty empty and you’d expect good deals everywhere tight? Sadly, wrong, but Onederz have done such aa great deal they are mostly full of long-stay guests. Think dreadlocks.

They have a great $2 happy hour Long Island Iced Tea and a menu I have not tried, but looks passable.

The Onederz Kampot Crowd

It has a nice pool, so you get local gentleman of an older vintage with younger ladies, and the cheap prices bring in the budget conscious. I was once smoking outside my room when my neighbor asked me if I had any food at 1 am. I duly obliged and she seemed happy. I believe they call it the munchies.

And that is the wonderful Onederz Kampot, quit the experience and cheap as hell – and that is Kampot to a tee!

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