Watching Koh Kong FC

Koh Kong is the capital city of Koh Kong province in Cambodia. It borders Thailand and the much more fun Koh Rong.

Do not make the mistake accidentally going to Koh Kong instead of Koh Rong

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Overall there are few reasons to go to Koh Kong, except for work. I ended up here watching football. Lower league Cambodian football.

The Hun Sen Cup

The Hun Sen Cup is the main football knockout competition in Cambodia. The early rounds are a group stage in which provincial teams play each other. Later the big clubs of Cambodia, such as Visakha join.

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Who are Koh Kong FC?

The provincial team that represent the province. They have never been in the top division in Cambodia and it would appear are nothing to write home about.

They play their matches at the local high school. It seems that when they play it is quite the event! People come from all around the town to watch the boys play.

Koh Kong FC vs Kep FC

The match I was signed to watch was Koh Kong FC vs Kep FC, both southern teams and my first provincial match. As stated the “stadium” is the school. There was one stand, but it was full to be fair.

Koh Kong FC

The match was a lot better standard than I had expected. It was mostly young players, but with a few veterans on the field as well. Kep opened the scoring, but Koh Kong FC, by far the better side managed to salvage a draw.

Amenities at the stadium?

There was no food, or drink at the Koh Kong Stadium. There was a cafe next door though.

Level of play?

At the provincial level it tends to be more youth orientated. Therefore it was more like watching a youth game. I was though pleasantly surprised by things. The match was decent and the showed a lot of promise.

And as it turns out I will be watching Koh Kong FC quite a lot over the next month. After Visakha I’d say they are my team now.

Watching Koh Kong FC, not half bad.

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