Surviving a layover on the Chinese/Vietnamese border

Have you heared about Chongzuo?  I haven’t till I knew my friend lived there. I’ve written in other posts about the Hanoi – Pingxiang/Vietnam to China train. When I arrived at Pingxiang station at 4 am, I don’t have any chinese money as well as phone power. Also consumed few glasses of vodka  and didn’t sleep the whole night.

Stayed 6 hours there. Its first 2 hours were really easy. Had to find an atm machine.  Luckily, found one and withdraw RMB 800. ATMs were in English that takes HSBC and is simply not the done thing. After that, had to take breakfast. At 6 am, dining options are hardly earth-shattering but after various explorations, I found the night market. I charged my phone there and ate breakfast.

I ordered a dish that looks like fried chicken. But I found out it wasn’t. Hence, it was a deep fried pork fat. Not the best thing to order.

The next was Vietnamese style noodles in broth with hot sauce. It was very to the point and satisfying.

I also tried the pancakes. It’s done with expert precision and looked pretty damned amazing. I thought I’d give it a try!

This dish proved to be my crowning glory. It tasted a bit like the outside dough of a potsticker and with its minced pork interior. I added the hot sauce into it! Great taste! And top of the noodles had me ready for the next adventure.

I spent the last 2 hours exploring. Although there really wasn’t anything to see there.

So if you do end up in Pingxiang, your best bet is the night market. It is opposite the train station.

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