How to get groceries during lockdown in Phnom Penh

How to get groceries during lockdown in Phnom Penh ? Lockdown has been a confusing and frustrating affair so far to say the least. The government have acted quickly and firmly to help prevent the spread of the virus, but this has also meant the closure of various markets and shops. It is also not possible to travel very far in the city, which means less access to our usual supermarkets and the like.

And just to think it was only two months ago that things were normal here .

Getting food delivered from restaurants

We have previously written about this subject, but food delivery apps are still running as normal, or at least as normal as possible. On the first few days of the lockdown there were some issues with drivers getting to such places, but this seems to have been fixed (mostly now).

Examples include Nhum 24, you can check out our friends at Jungle Cat here .

Food Panda is another popular alternative. The bonus with these apps is that you can not only pay cash, but also register an international card for them. So for those stuck in Phnom Penh on a tourist visa you have some options.

How to get Groceries during lockdown in Phnom Penh – Kiwi Mart

Whilst some people are in red zones and cannot travel at all, many of us are still in relatively open areas that have mini-marts. Popular mini0marts such as Kiwi-Mart litter the city and provide the basic essentials, such as water, bread, meats and cheese. They are though far from being supermarkets and the prices are high in comparison to other places.

Roll on 7/11 entering the market .

How to get Groceries during lockdown in Phnom Penh – Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps are nothing new to Cambodia, but are not as popular as they are in other countries. Me personally I love a good day out at AEON Mall!

AEON Mall though have a delivery app that is available on IOS and Android, so you can technically get it delivered by them. I have yet t make this app work personally, so there is that.

Smile Shop are another example. Again this app is available on both IOS and Android and they offer a range of fruits, vegetables, meats and the main necessities. I have attempted to order from them, but have yet to receive a reply. So, promising at least.

There are a few other popular apps too. Generally speaking you will need a local bank card, such as ABA for this to work.

Getting Groceries from Facebook

The Zuckerberg Empire, not matter how much you try to do without it, it’s always very much here and omnipresent. When it comes to food deliveries, there are a number of groups, and pages that offer delivery services.

It is best to explore groups linked to your area of the city to find the best ones that might be able to deliver food to you.

One I am trying to deal with at the moment is literally called Food and Beverage!

You can check out their page here .

How long will getting groceries In Phnom Penh be affected?

The true question here is how long will the lockdown last in Phnom Penh! Officially it was supposed to end on the 28h April, but this was based around rates of infection decreasing rapidly, which they largely have not.

Realistically plan accordingly in comparison with how these things played out in other countries. Get as many non-perishable goods as you can, stock up on essentials and prepare for the long-run. No now can predict what a virus will do.

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