Top 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Since the invention of red wine, there have been speculations about its health properties. During the time between 4000 and 6000 BC, this beverage was created and it has since become a favorite beverage.

The image of alcohol and how it contributes to a negative lifestyle has been stigmatized in recent years. Compared to calories consumed through food, calories consumed through alcohol are considered less important.

In part, this is true due to the lack of macronutrients in red wine. However, we will highlight the health benefits of red wine that are often glossed over.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

The Presence of Powerful Antioxidants

One of the most unique health benefits of red wine is its antioxidant content. Found in the skin of grapes, these antioxidants are responsible for many of the red wine benefits we receive through drinking.

Resveratrol is the most prevalent antioxidant in wine. It is able to fight inflammation, reduce blood clotting, and lower cholesterol. It is also associated with reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Improving Dental Health

Taking care of your teeth can be very expensive. Even people who brush, floss, and mouthwash daily can still incur dental diseases. One of the red wine benefits is the presence of polyphenols. Fruits contain polyphenols, which are naturally occurring micronutrients that do not lose their nutritional benefits when fermented.

Polyphenols can fight off bacteria found in the mouth. These bacteria are largely responsible for gum disease and tooth decay. These polyphenols are one of the best red wine benefits as they prevent the bacteria from sticking to the teeth and inciting this process.

An Everyday Cure For Viruses

One of the commonly known health benefits of red wine is its ability to combat viruses. Known to have a helpful impact on fighting the common cold in particular, red wine also possesses flavonoids. Flavonoids are known to be instrumental in combating over 200 viruses.

Red wine has been found to boost your microbiome. Microbiome, also known as healthy gut bacteria, helps to prevent disease. They target bacteria gathering in the gut, and eradicate them before they have a chance to harm the body.

The Boosting of Memory and Cognitive Functions

There are many factors that can cause temporary cognitive impairment. Things like illness, anxiety, drugs, and fatigue. It is known that sleep deprivation is a huge cause of failures in cognitive functions.

The presence of Reservatol is responsible for many of the red wine benefits. Not least the fact that has been linked with reducing the impact of sleep deprivation.

Dementia and Altzheimers are degenerative diseases that savagely impair our ability to hold and create new memories. Oftentimes these diseases are hereditary, meaning our lifestyle might not be able to offset the onset of these diseases. There is, however, some evidence to suggest that modest red wine consumption can reduce the risk of dementia.

The recommended amount for this preventative measure is around a 5 oz glass per day. It is important to stick to this limit as a larger consumption can greatly increase the risk of dementia. It is important to keep alcohol consumption regulated.

Reduce the Risk of Cancer

We have mentioned Reservatol several times when discussing the health benefits of red wine. The antioxidant can serve in several different immune responses. It appears to be the main element essential to absorb to receive health benefits when drinking red wine.

Resveratrol is thought to potentially have the ability to reduce the growth of cancerous cells. One study found evidence that resveratrol prevents the cancerous cells from feeding by blocking a key protein from being absorbed as food.

By starving these cancerous cells, they are unable to multiply and grow. This essentially stops the spread of cancer around the body, making it easier to treat and for the body to fight.

There are many health benefits to drinking red wine. Despite it being widely accepted that alcohol is bad for the body, there are many more health benefits than listed here.

There are several factors to consider when adopting this knowledge into our drinking habits.

Firstly, red wine can have an adverse effect on these health conditions when consumed in larger than the recommended amounts. The central nervous system is compromised and depressed when we become intoxicated, making it harder for our body to combat these issues.

There is also the issue that Reservatol is not only found in wine. It can be found in other fruits, or as a supplement alone. If a person is struggling with dementia or any other health condition, they should carefully monitor their alcohol intake.

If you’re here till the end, you’re definitely past the stage of only speculations about red wine’s health properties!

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