Kenji Fujimoto Takahashi Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Kenji Fujimoto Takahashi Japanese Sushi Restaurant is one of the newest, and certainly one of the most prestigious, and of course expensive restaurants in Pyongyang. Very indicative of the regime of the current leader Kenji Fujimoto Takahashi Japanese Sushi Restaurant adds another interesting glean to the bustling city that is Pyongyang.

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Who is Kenji Fujimoto?

If you have got that far I would assume you already know the answer, but Keni Fujimoto was the former chef to Generalissimo Kim Jong Il. He famously defected and wrote a number of books about the country.

Kenji Fujimoto Takahashi Japanese Sushi Restaurant

He did though reach out to Chairman Kim Jong-Un and after a number of visits ended up opening a restaurant,Kenji Fujimoto Takahashi Japanese Sushi Restaurant!

Takahashi Sushi Restaurant たかはし location

Central Pyongyang, near the Air Koryo office and in the same building as Rakwon Department store and the legendary beer bar.

Inside it is very small, and thus exclusive, and for those who have been to Japan you will see just how authentic it looks and indeed feels.

What do they serve at Takahashi Japanese Sushi Restaurant?

Obviously sushi and sashimi are the main things on offer, Fujimoto being a famous sushi chef after all, but there are a number of other Japanese classics, such as udon noodles and of course tempura. Tempura is also popular in North Korean cusine.

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Takahashi Sushi Restaurant たかはし prices?

For all intents this is a private restaurant in a prime location in Pyongyang, and the prices reflect this. Of course it is a menu, so to an extent you can spend as much, or as little as you want, but in reality don’t expect to leave with much change from about $50 a person. Not crazy by Japanese standards, but not your average Pyongyang restaurant.

Can you visit Kenji Fujimoto Takahashi Japanese Sushi Restaurant?

Yes, and no….

OK, so when you do a North Korean tour all meals are included, so you tend not to visit the fancy places. It is though available on speciality culinary tours to the country, if you visit, or live here independently, or if you book a private tour.

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What is the clientele at Kenji Fujimoto Takahashi Japanese Sushi Restaurant?

This is true what makes Pyongyang such an interesting place these days! Of course you will see a few expats here, but it is not just put here for the expat market. The main client base indeed seems to be well to do North Koreans. I mean who would not want food served by the man that formerly cooked for the leader of the country?

Even if you don’t come here to ear, it is worth sticking your head in when having a beer at Rakwon. Who knows you might even get to meet Kenju Fujimoto?

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