Drinking at Bad Panda

Once upon a time, Yangshuo used to the be the backpacker capital of China, with hostels, cheap bars and the stench of weed being mainstays of the town so beautiful it has its picture on the 20 RMB note (OK so that is technically Xingping).

But all empires are built on rise and fall, and falling is the state of affairs that Yangshuo finds itself. For a truly sarcastic look at life in Yangshuo check out the following blog.

Over the last few years whilst a lot of the cool places have closed, there are still a couple of gems to take in when you visit Yangshuo.

The best restaurant in town was ironically Ganga Indian restaurant located opposite the second-best restaurant, the Brew. Alas, the brew closed but Ganga moved into the larger premises and renamed themselves Namo Namo. For eating in Yangshuo, Namo Namo is the best place to go and has by far the best service.

bad panda

But many cannot live on food and Chinese beer alone, he needs the sins of the night, other drunkards, silly drinks challenges and a rooftop bar. There is where Bad Panda comes in.

The original Rooftop Bar and place to go was Monkey Jane’s. It no longer is, and let’s leave it at that.

Bad Panda Bar is located off a side-street from the altogether too noisy/shit/expensive West Street, and is open during the evening until the wee small hours of the morning, and is by far the best-priced bar in Yangshuo.

The owner is a Chinese girl called Heather Wu, who also is a bit of a cocktail extraordinaire, which makes a very welcome change from the shit local beer you get in restaurants.

They also have a ten shot challenge which if you complete you get a free t-shirt.

And if you are hungry after? Yangshuo now has a burger king.

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