Cambodian BBQ Frog

I’ve written previously about fried frog, (not good) and frogs with tamarind (not bad), but today I was to wrestle with Cambodian BBQ frog.

Cambodian cuisine is a bit of a mixed bag of tricks, but when it comes to BBQ they really get it right. And not just get it right, but with the somewhat chequered history of Cambodia they also serve up some weird shit! Tarantulas, which I’ve yet to try are popular, dog meat is a thing, and the frog? Seems to be cooked in all manner of ways!

Passion Fruit Soda

I’d indulged at Live Corner one of my favourite holes in Siem Reap, which meant a tower of Angkor and of course a beef carpaccio.

Beef carpaccio Siem Reap

Of course a man cannot live in frog alone, so I went for some BBQ chicken, a baked potato and a beef skewer until the frog arrived. Live corner Siem Reap BBQ their meats famously well.

BBQ at Live Corner Siem Reap

In fact it’s not all that surprising how high the quality is at live corner as chefs on the open plan kitchen and wait staff usually outnumber guests by 5-1.

The big bull-frog arrived whole, as is the style in Cambodia, next to a bed of lettuce covered in a spicy balsamic sauce. This was one of the best frog dishes I’ve had in the world. Does frog taste like chicken? In more mind more like fish-chicken.

Frog in Siem Reap

After devouring the frog bones an all they threw out the calamari I’d forgotten I’d ordered. Overkill slightly.

The best frog in Siem Reap? Yeah why not

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