Angkor Wat Put

Angkor Wat Put advertises itself as the “best fun thing to do in Siem Reap”. Lofty words indeed when you consider Siem Reap has Angkor Wat, Cozy Bar, and Dog Meat. I therefore decided to go and see if they could put the most fun where their mouths were.

Where is Angkor Wat Put?

The Siem Reap mini-golf is about a 15 minute ride from town, which basically makes it the countryside.

Angkor Wat Put

Do they got drinks?

A dollar for all drinks including beer, coke, and fresh cold coconut.

Service at Angkor Wat Put

Run by a Cambodian with an Aussie accent and care free attitude to life. Friendly and flexible.

How much to do mini-golf in Siem Reap? It’s 5 dollars a person, but if it rains they might not even charge you.

Gareth Johnson Angkor mini-golf

The course consists of 14 holes, not 9, 18 and it’s definitely more on the mini rather than crazy golf angle. The holes go from par 2 to par 6, with some being impossible to get a hole-in one. Although if you do strike in one the manager will give you a free $1 beer. We truly live in a time where everybody can achieve their dreams.

AND as I was to find out (on more than one occasion) if you manage to score a hole-in-one they will give you a free beer. Nothing motivates like free beer.

The course is a par 44 with their even being a leader-board so you can stick it to the other expats. My personal score? 52, so 8 over par and not bad for a first outing. Tends to get busy at the weekends, but do not let that put you off at all.

Overall the course is extremely fun, comfortable and laid back. Really not a bad way to waste away a day in Siem Reap.

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