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Epic Images from El Nido and Nacpan Beach

Clark International Airport used to be a bit of a backwater airport — but not nowadays. Flights to Hong Kong and Macau are cheap (again) and you can now fly directly from Clark to El Nido on the world’s best island, Palawan.

And once you’re in El Nido, a whole world of island hopping awaits you! There’s also Nacpan beach that, whilst not quite the secret beach it used to be, is still well worth a visit.

Here’s some of our favourite images from Nacpan Beach and El Nido Beach, should you choose to make a getaway from Angeles City.

Rocks overhang the water at El Nido.
Beautiful emerald-green sea laps at this cove at El Nido.
Two boats sit at anchor near the beach at El Nido.
A boat passes a verdant island at El Nido.

Nacpan beach might be developing at an alarming rate, but it still offers a huge beach and probably the best sunset in Palawan.

A stunning sunset at El Nido.
The sun setting over a beach at El Nido.
Nacpan beach sunset
Beautiful sunset at Nacpan Beach, El Nido
Beautiful sunset at Nacpan Beach, El Nido

One of the highlights of island hopping in El Nido is the lunch your boat captains lovingly cook for you.

A man cooks seafood BBQ from his boat.
BBQ lunch in El Nido

These are just some general island hopping pictures around El Nido. But show the beauty thrown at you every day.

Who wouldn’t like to buy their own island?

Coconut rum on the beach in El Nido! To join a Palawan Island Hopping Tour check out our partners at Young Pioneer Tours.

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