Khartoum to the Pyramids

I went to pick up our last guest at 2.30 am, only for him not to get out until 4.30. Ouch. This meant I missed the full blown camel market, bit of a shame, but in fairness I’m not actually in the market for one.

Lesson number one as Leo put it in Blood Diamonds, TIA. This is Africa. Our 11 o’clock departure thus morphed into a 1.30 pm one, but Africa time….

Street Food Khartoum

The delay though did give us time to check out some Khartoum street food, which consists of everything from Syrian kebabs to Sudanese tea and all manor of fruits, juices and teas served throughout the markets. There also a lot of offal dishes for those of the strong of stomach. The Sudanese street food adventure was beginning.

Khartoum to the Pyramids

We then boarded our trusty truck for the drive from Khartoum to the Pyramids of Meroe. Like any road trip we cranked up the music, talked shit and stopped a few times for pictures. The only thing missing was road pops (Sudan is dry).

Making friends in Sudan

We finally met the Sudan tour group (we are doing Bir Tawil only) at a rest stop at about 5pm. I was quite pleased to see a few of my favourite YPT people had arrived!

Camping by the pyramids in Sudan

Then out of nowhere it was dark, really fucking dark, as we headed (in theory) to see some pyramids, and go camping.

sudan pyramids

On arrival we were introduced to our last hole in the ground toilet before our options would be limited to alfresco. Camp was duly set up, dinner was cooked (soup, meat and pasta), and we bickered down to eating and talking

The evening was finished with all the lads sleeping outside looking at an amazing sky and trying to find shooting stars. A bit gay? Perhaps, but awfully good fun.

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