The Thai Food Truck – Siem Reap

I’ve been getting right into my Thai food lately, a country and a cuisine that I truly miss very much, so when it was suggested we try a Thai street food truck I was obviously all about it.

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So, to give it its official name the Thai Street Food Truck is obviously a truck, well more what I call a van that whilst often moving about is usually located literally just opposite Paris Bakery (I’ll provide full address later).

It is located next a to a supermarket with some covering, something that proves rather useful during what we term here the good old rainy season!

The menu is far from eclectic, but has most variations of Pad Thai, noodles and whatever else you might fancy. Options being vegetarian, chicken, or shrimp, with the majority of us gong for shrimp.

Prices range from a few dollars to about $5 depending on what it is you fancy having, and of course they also serve beer. It is nice staying in a country where people are trusted enough to drink a beer on the street.

And the food? Pretty damned good, with it surely helping that the staff are in the most part Thai people.

Don’t come here expecting aires, graces and fine dining, this is literally called a street food truck, and they serve probably the best Thai Street Food in Siem Reap.

Thai Street Food Truck

Address: Wat Bo road Siem Reap, 17254

Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:15PM Mon

Phone: 095 916 030

Note – every now and again the truck becomes mobile, but generally speaking you will find them at that address most days!

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